On June 27, in Osaka, the CEO of TMK, Tomio Tadocoro, presented the Sakura Award trophy to President Jair Bolsonaro. President Bolsonaro was in Japan because of the G20 Summit.

The trophy was an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Brazil in Japan (CCBJ). The TMK is a member of CCBJ. The trophy represents a bonsai of cherry tree (sakura) because it`s one of the symbols of Japan. There is a yellow flower ipe in the center. This flower is very famous in Brazil and it symbolizes the Brazilians in Japan.

The materials chosen for the trophy (stainless steel, aluminum and iron) are used in the manufacture of train parts (the main market of the company since the foundation).

Photo from left: Nelson Saito (Kowa), Walter Saito (TS), congressman Luiz Nishimori, President Jair Bolsonaro, Tomio Tadocoro (TMK), Arthur Muranaga (IPC World), Masakatsu Matsuura (Matsuura Giken) and Frank Murai ( WEG)