Company Name Tadocoro Mutsuki Kougyou
Date of Establishment July 7, 2004
CEO Adilson Tomio Tadocoro
Capital ¥10 million
Number of Employees 95
Head Office Address: 〒252-0816 Kanagawa-ken Fujisawa-shi Endou 3791-5
Telephone: +81 (46) 653-8034
Yokohama Office Address: 〒236-0043 Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi Kanazawa-ku Okawa 3-1
Telephone: +81 (45) 352-8618
Niitsu Office Address: 〒956-0032 Niigata-ken Niigata-shi Akiba-ku Minami-cho 19-33 3F
Telephone: +81 (250) 47-4751
Business Areas Projects, manufactures and maintenance of trains
Bank Bank of Yokohama, Kanagawa Shinkin Bank
  • J-TREC
  • Keio Juuseibi
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
  • Nippon Sharyo
  • Yamaichi
  • Kyoei Jitsugyo
  • Kyowa Kougyou
  • Aruteono
History TMK was initially established in 2004 under the name K.K. Tadocoro Kougyou, specializing in the manufacture and welding of parts. In 2010, it entered into a partnership with Yugen Mutsuki, a company specializing in the assembly of pipes for pneumatic, electric and air systems. With the growth of both, and aiming to expand their potential, the two companies merged in 2015, continuing to the present. Every step towards growth has been thoroughly studied and today the company continues to seek new challenges in various segments.