28Mar. 2024

Photo Contest

2024/03/28|Comments Off on Photo Contest

TMK provided support for the 5th Photography Contest held by the Consulate General of Brazil in Tokyo. TMK made the trophy for the winner. The contest will choose the best images produced by Brazilian photographers, [...]

29Feb. 2024

High technology

2024/02/29|Comments Off on High technology

TMK has high technology for manufacturing body truck. The company makes aluminum bodies for vehicles in areas where there is a lot of snow. The aluminium is ideal for these locations because it is anti-corrosive. [...]

31Jan. 2024

New projects

2024/01/31|Comments Off on New projects

TMK has been working on train manufacturing. There are new projects in a different activities from the railway sector in this year. The company has been supporting initiatives by the Consulate General of Brazil in [...]