Merry Christmas

The TMK has been exceeding the production targets. The company thanks the customers, suppliers and employees for the work of this year with cooperation and [...]

2018-12-25T09:24:50+09:00 2018/12/25|

Trains production

The TMK has been producing about 50,000 pieces a month for the manufacture of trains in Japan. The company has a partnership with J-Trec. The [...]

2018-10-31T09:16:38+09:00 2018/10/31|

TMK expands the market

In addition to the partnership with JR for the supply of parts for trains, TMK has an agreement with the companies Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and [...]

2018-09-28T06:01:17+09:00 2018/09/28|

New Business in Asia

The TMK company has been working to expand business in Asia. This month, the company handed over the train wagon port requested by a customer [...]

2018-04-24T18:50:54+09:00 2018/04/24|