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28May. 2020

30 years of the Brazilian Community in Japan

2020/05/28|Comments Off on 30 years of the Brazilian Community in Japan

The Brazilian Community in Japan celebrates 30 years of immigration in 2020. TMK recognizes the importance of the date and the community’s effort in Japan. Over the 30 years, many obstacles were overcome by this [...]

28Apr. 2020

Production of train parts

2020/04/28|Comments Off on Production of train parts

The production of train parts is normal at the TMK during this period. The company has orders from Japanese customers. The train parts are for the Kanto, Hiroshima and Niigata areas. TMK has been advising [...]

27Mar. 2020

Preventive measures

2020/03/27|Comments Off on Preventive measures

TMK has been adopting measures in this period to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The company is producing trains parts. The company has guided employees to wash their hands and wear a mask. [...]